NoCalc is the new revolutionary and economic way to deal with hard water. NoCalc is an innovative system which protects the whole house, including the heating system, against the build up of limescale and soft water corrosion.

NoCalc adds a small quantity of a consumable solution (less than 5 ppm), which neutralises (seals) the calcium and magnesium, preventing the formation of limescale. The method respects the WHO and FAO* food grade. In addition the dosing mechanism always adds the exact dosage to the consumption of water. No risk of fouling or overdosing. NoCalc is highly capable, small and easy to fit, low maintenance and environmentally friendly. The water stays 100% safe for drinking (under British Standard BS-EN 1212) and you save money.

 “The higher the calcium and magnesium level, the harder your water is. This can result in damage to common household appliances. Approximately 70% of the UK has hard water and residents suffer the inconveniences of limescale. In addition, high levels of calcium in the water can provoke or worsen existing skin irritations. You may also notice hair that is dull in appearance, despite regular washing.”


NoCalc Product Preview

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Dosing Cartridge

Dosing Cartridges

Dosing Cartridges