Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, deliveries are changing. In order to find out your delivery days, please use the text box below to enter your postcode and then hit the search button.

All restricted products are now fully available with careful handling procedures in place to help employees and customers maintain social distancing as necessary.

Please click the button below to view our Covid risk assessment.

We are still open to support you through this period; however, due to the current situation we have adapted our sales ordering process, and diverted any ordering placed within our Poole and Birmingham Sales Office to our Chorley and Bedford branches.
If you usually place your orders via Poole and Birmingham, can you please use the contact numbers below, or alternatively place any order online at www.primaflowfandp.co.uk.
Bedford: 01234 845 600
Chorley: 01257 238 100
Our top priority is to make sure we keep the distribution of essential replacement and repair products moving, so key workers have access to the products they need, whilst maintaining a safe working environment in line with government regulations.

Dear Customers,

Having had the address from our Prime Minister Boris Johnson last night we wanted to inform you of our position as it stands today.

Most, if not all, of the Prime Minister’s request for closures focused on retail outlets and shops but having sought further clarifications from the government’s guidance, we can establish the following;

  • Hardware stores can remain open - trade outlets still need to supply builders & plumbers with their essential needs.
  • Under the heading, Advice for the housing & building maintenance industries. ‘If you are working on site, you can continue to do so’. Robert Jenrick - UK Housing Minister

We are continuing to work through the implications for our business to ensure that both our colleagues and customers are protected. We fully intend to continue to supply our customers however due to various constraints now in place, due to the Corona virus, we will operate with a reduced number of staff in our sites as much as possible to reduce the risks and improve the safety of our people. Regrettably we will therefore need to reduce our deliveries to 2 days per week.

For the time being we will be unable to supply product which is bulky and requires 2 person manual handling although this will be kept under review. 

In an effort to continue to provide a service to customers, it would be helpful if the following procedures could be followed:

  1. Where possible all orders should be placed online at: primaflowfandp.co.uk
  2. At this stage we don’t have any ability to process faxed orders please, in the first instance, use our online website or alternatively Email your order to your normal sales office.
  3. Please help us to keep phone lines open for urgent calls only.
  4. If you do need assistance please contact your Account Manager.

I am sure that you understand the situation is constantly evolving, and we will ensure that all our customers are kept informed about our plans and services on a regular basis.

In the meantime, please take care and stay safe.


We are sure you are following the development of the outbreak of the coronavirus closely, and concerned how this will affect your business. At Primaflow F&P we have been working on plans to continue to supply all of our customers during this period of uncertainty.

We are closely following government guidance, monitoring events and working to ensure continuity of service to all of our Customers. Primaflow F&P is committed to protecting the health & welfare of all our customers and employees and this will not be compromised. Our commitment to upholding our values also means we will do the right thing by our colleagues, our communities, our customers and suppliers and operate as the leader in our industry.

Primaflow F&P has introduced the following measures to protect both our customers and employees alike:

  • Created a task force for colleagues and a matrix of capability so we can address any shortages in operational shifts
  • Prepared a plan to address any virus outbreaks within our sites.
  • Prepared a register of high risk colleagues and plan for their safe continuation of work
  • Increased site hygiene via handyman and cleaners, regular cleaning of multi contact areas, buttons, handles, machines, kettles etc
  • Planned daily wipe downs for personal spaces, desks computers etc
  • Created a two-metre gap for office workers where possible.
  • Established a ½ hour time gap between warehouse shifts at all locations.
  • Closed sites to non-essential visitors
  • Sourced thermometers to help personal monitoring
  • Implemented processes and hygiene controls for equipment, pump trucks, pallet wrappers, scanners etc
  • Control of incoming deliveries, isolating visiting drivers in specific areas, controlling contact with keys, stationery and trucks.
  • Ensure our delivery lorries have sufficient wipes for constantly cleaning items that are shared with customers.
  • All vehicles will be wiped down regularly through the day

You can contact us in your normal way via our sales offices or alternatively ,the simplest and most efficient way to check stock, see your pricing and to place orders is via our website www.primaflowfandp.co.uk. which is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

We are confident that we can continue to supply you with your essential product needs during this time, and we will update you as often as we can and provide additional guidance. Please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager if you have concerns.

In the meantime, please take care and stay safe.


The origins of F & P Wholesale date back to the 1960s, originally called Lea Heating Builders Merchants. The company bought a number of individual merchants over a 30 year period including R Ronaldsons & Co in 1971 before being sold to Tricom in 1999 for 4.5 million, becoming Tricom Supplies.

  • 1960s

    F & P, originally Lea Heating Builders Merchant, dates back to the 1960's.

  • 1971

    The Business acquired several independent merchants, including R Ronaldsons & Co in 1971.

  • 1999

    The Company took the name Tricom Supplies after the Tricom acquisition in 1999 for 4.5 million.

    The purchase of Fry and Pollard lead to Tricom Supplies trading under both Company names for a period of time.

  • 2003

    2003 saw the BSS Group Plc acquistion where the Company become known as F & P Wholesale.

    F & P remained a stand alone business and continued as one of the largest secondary distributors with a independent 'light side' merchant customer based of 2,300.

  • 2010

    In 2010 came the Travis Perkins Group acquistion of the BSS Group Plc

  • 2011

    July 2011 saw the exciting move of Connections and F & P join forces to be able to provide a full solution for the customer base - Plumbing, Heating, Bathrooms & Fittings.

  • November 2014

    Primaflow Ltd joins F & P Wholesale to become the largest distributor of materials for plumbing and heating systems.