We are pleased to have teamed up with Geberit Mapress to offer, as exclusive distributor to independent customers, a selected range of Geberit Mapress copper piping. With shorter fitting times and 100% leak-free performance, the business benefits of Geberit Mapress go on and on. No hot works,no costly cooling down time, just reliable precision fitting, unrivalled support and training. For better results, make it Mapress.

Geberit Mapress is the pipe pressing system you can press into action anywhere. It offers a wide range of materials and seal rings to cover every eventuality so it provides a specialist solution for all applications.

Wherever speed is of the essence and safety is the highest priority. Wherever efficiency matters and cost efficiency counts. Whatever the installation, Mapress offers complete flexibility, absolute reliability, and a seal you can be totally sure of. 


Mapress Copper Product Preview

Exclusively stocked to independents by Primaflow F&P



Mapress Coupling

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Copper Bends

Copper Bend

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Slip Couplings

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Geberit Mapress Copper ensure safe potable water with a fast, reliable, standard compliant installation.


Geberit Mapress Copper Has all the necessary approvals for natural, liquefied and several technical gases ensuring a safe, certified installation.


Mapress Copper provides a solution with high safety characteristics and optimised hydraulics


Geberit Mapress Copper is for use on all compressed air installations; all providing a reliable seal with fast, safe installation.


 Geberit Mapress Copper suitable materials for Chilled water and refrigeration providing a tried, tested and trusted seal.

We recommend Mapress Jaws and Collars to stock Mapress. We do not stock any tooling, but will work with you to order this on your behalf of you and your customers.



For sizes 12-35mm.


For sizes 12-66.7mm for copper and12-54mm for carbon and stainless steel.


For all sizes (12-108mm)



Ensures no sharp edges on the pipework to protect seal.

Insertion Depth Marker

Insertion Depth Marker

Ensure pipe insertion depth is correct

Pipe Cutter

Pipe Cutter

For pipes from 12-54mm



Used with the appropriate tool, from 12-35mm.

Collar and Adaptor


For the larger sizes, 35- 108mm. 108mm fittings require two adapters.